Online Application Form

Parents/Guardians have to submit “2024/25 Registration Certificate for KG admission” (“RC”) to EDB between September and November 2023.

Eligibility for AdmissionChildren born on or before 31 Dec 2021
Application form

 download Application form

 New Student Application Form (Chinese & English Version)

Or Obtain from school in person

Application Procedure

1. Complete the application form

2. Two Recent ID photos (1 inch X 2 inches)

3.  Original child’s birth certificate and copy

4. A self-addressed, $2.2 stamped envelope (Please write Hong Kong address and child’s name)

5.  Please submit the above to the School Office in person

Admission Procedure

1. After we receive the application form, interview date and time will be arranged

2. Group and/or individual interviews will be arranged

3. Parents should accompany their child for the interview

4. When interviewing NCS children, interpretation and translation services for applicants could be arranged where necessary, our school will also allow parents and children accompanied by a Chinese-speaking relative/friend to facilitate communication.

Enquiry number: 2985 6202 ; Email: [email protected]

Date of interview 1 Nov 2023 (Wed) (Time arranged by the school)
About interviewWe will inform the parents of the interview date individually, please accompany your child for interview. The teachers will make the assessment through the observation of the child’s attitude towards the playing games and their conservation with the teachers.
Criteria of acceptance❖ Younger brothers or sisters of our students or the parents is/are the school staff
❖ Others:e.g. near distance, or the family need
❖ Interview performance
❖ Whole-Day Class : Priority Consideration for Families in Need
Admission NoticeAdmission results will be notified to parents/guardians by mail and phone on 15 Dec 2023.


Admission Arrangements

Admitted student’s parents/guardians please come to our kindergarten for registration on 4-6 Jan 2023 (Thu – Sat)

1. Submit  “2024/25 Registration Certificate for KG admission”

2. Pay Registration fee· $700

– The registration fee paid will be refunded in Sep 2024.

– If the child quit school, the registration fee paid will not be refunded.

3. Please note that if parents/guardians fail to submit valid documents for registration, we may not be able to register the admitted student. Hence, parents are required to submit an application for the Registration Certificate to EDB within the specified period.

4. If parents/guardians want to drop out from our kindergarten after registration, please inform us in the written notice, and we will return the ” 2024/25 Registration Certificate for KG admission”, except for the registration fee.

The tuition fees

Under the 23-24 Education Bureau Quality Kindergarten Education Policy, half-day classes do not need to pay tuition fees, full-time classes still need to bear part of the cost.

A. M class    : Free(monthly school fee after deduction of government subsidy) 

Whole- day class : Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme” of the Education Bureau. After  deducting the government subsidy, the tuition fee will total HK $690 per month.

Meal Fee      : HKD350/ month

Parents can apply for tuition fee reduction if needed.

*Our kindergarten has joined 2023/24 Kindergarten Education Scheme

Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens

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